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When it comes to joining two pieces of veneer together there is only one name that comes to mind, Kuper "The market leader". Kuper are the experts when it comes to the assembly of cut veneer strips to produce veneer sheets or lay-ons as they known by. The most common method is the Zig-Zag glue thread joint and the less common being the glued edge splicing method. This German company have been very successful in developing the technology of veneer bonding and there is no other as prominent in this field of engineering.


Model: FW/mini 630 is suitable for the small producer and sits on the bench during use and under the bench for storage, this model can also be supplied with its own mobile stand. Has a feed speed of 7 metres per minute and is equipped for single phase electric supply.


Model: FW/920 Junior is a low production machine with a speed of 15 metres per minute. With three phase electrics, this model requires air to assist in the melting of the adhesive on the jointing thread.


Model: FW/1150 the most common of the stitcher family with a throat depth of 1,150 mm, three phase electrics and a mechanical variable speed unit of 15 to 30 metres per minute.

Model: FW/1200E looks very similar to the FW/1150 but has a throat dimension of 1,200mm and electronic gearbox that has variable speed between 30 and 60 metres per minute. Ideal for companies manufacturing large lay-on.s where speed is required for joining long sections of veneer, hence approximately halving the time to produce a lay-on.


Model: FL/Innovation the most talked about edge splicing machine that glues and edge splices veneers at an average speed of 28 meters per minute. Fitted with a small glue reservoir for Urea adhesive that can be cleaned and replenished in around 10 minutes, (with or without a glue cooling unit). Six sets of heaters are situated inside the clamping track and can be individually controlled. With infinite control of the heaters, air pressure and time, this machine can cope with all veneer species.

High production requirements can be accommodated with lateral loading machinery which can produce a continuous carpet of veneer or cut to size lay-ons. End binders can be linked in tandem with these machines and are designed to prevent the veneer from splitting along the outside edges of the lay-on and can also trim veneers to length at the same time. We can supply the best layout for your factory.
Kuper Shrink-Wrap machine, model: KFE

Kuper produce a very high quality shrink-wrapping machine that can be utilised in many industries for high quality shrink-wrap packaging. The machine's specification can be tailor-made to suit your product and can consist of - an infeed conveyor - a single, double or triple polyurethane roll holding station - intermediate conveyor - side welding station - heated shrink tunnel - outfeed conveyor.
With the following information we can prepare a quotation to suit your requirements :-
  • Product.
  • Max. & Min. sizes
  • Max. weight of any one article to be wrapped.
  • Number of components in a day.
  • Other specific requirements.

Please call or e-mail for a general leaflet.


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