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Dan-List rail-boring machinery 

Dan-List has been manufacturing rail boring equipment for over 30 years and is probably the market leader in this type of machine.

What is a rail? We would identify it as a narrow component used in furniture construction and produced in various lengths and usually in large quantities. These rails may require boring on 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 surfaces and due to their narrow width are difficult items to control when manoeuvring inside a machine.

This is where Dan-List has become very proficient and can now design a machine specifically for your range of rails, even for the grooving of draw fronts or the milling of tenons at the ends of some rail designs.

Dan-List dowel boring machines type BA series. The BA series is an automatic universal dowel boring machine with magazines. They are ideal for flat, a little curved, and round work pieces and come in many different sizes and types, which makes it easier to find the correct model that fits your needs. It could be drilling of only one item or even more items on the same machine. The machines are very simple to operate and every single machine is delivered with a PLC controller, which makes it possible to leave the boring units not in use on standby. Furthermore the PLC controller makes it possible to choose the sequence on the units, and therefore the units cannot collide during operation. Should it be necessary for cleaning your drilling hole, step by step drilling can be offered.


Dan-list Classic. The Dan-list Classic line was introduced in the autumn of 2003. The first machine in the line has been installed and in full production. The Classic is built especially for legs to beds, tables and other work pieces which need to be drilled from three sides. Furthermore you can add end boring to the machine so that you can drill all five sides at the same time. Normally you will need to put the work pieces through the machine at least twice in order to drill all five sides. This system improves efficiency and increases capacity. Exact cycle times will be quoted with each machine. This machine has been constructed to accept work pieces either from an operator or straight from another machine and has been designed with a PC memory for at least 100 different programmes. This ensures a quick set-up from one work piece to another by calling up the program name.
The main advantages are quick set-up, one pass component drilling and as a standard feature we have added a security system, which prevents access to the machine while in operation.


BM 500 H-V. The Dowel Boring Machine BM 500 H-V is the smallest of our boring machines, it works with an adjustable boring unit for both horizontally and vertical boring, and is very simple to operate. A universal boring machine for both curved and straight work in a simple and space saving design. Furthermore there is a quick adjustment from horizontal to vertical boring and vice versa.
The boring unit revolves 90° around its own axis, and the boring head revolves 360° around its own axis.


Dan-List Classic Auto-Set. The Classic Auto-Set is a fully automatic boring machine, with a personal computer memory for up to 99 different programmes. However, if there is a need is for a greater memory size, one can be provided.
The set up of the machine is carried out on the PC, where the various co-ordinates for each boring unit, magazine etc, are entered. Once this program has been completed it can be recalled and the machine sets everything automatically to within 1/10 mm and within 60 seconds. This makes the Dan-List Classic Auto-Set unique for high production and low batch numbers.
The capacity of Dan-List Classic AutoSet varies from 15 - 20 work pieces a minute, the exact capacity will be quoted on each individual machine and can include the routing unit for making the grooves in the drawer fronts.
Minimum and maximum size of work piece are individually determined.
The boring heads can be delivered with quick lock spindles for quick tool changing and the boring heads and boring units are of course made in our own factory, so we know the quality is 100%.


If rails and draw fronts are a part of your production and you are investigating a means to cut manufacturing time and cost, please contact us and we will offer a solution to do just that.

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