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General woodworking adhesives

PVA ref. 701/1  1 kg squeezy bottles, 5 kg and 25 kg containers.
Assembly adhesive for interior components. All round wood adhesive.

PVA ref. TR06  1 kg squeezy bottles, 5 kg and 10 kg containers.
Fast setting interior adhesive. High solids content. Suits solid wood assembly and dowel assembly.

PVA ref. WX/10  1 kg squeezy bottles, 5 kg and 25 kg containers.
Cross linking exterior adhesive for hot, cold or RF curing. Ideal for hand spreading and veneer pressing
PVA ref. WX/10/55  25 kg containers.
Similar to WX/10 but less viscous and suits machine spreading.

Hot Melt.  ref. 3465  25 kg sacks
High resistance to FIRA Gold award.
For straight edge banding and no stringing. For ABS, PVS, wood veneer and solid wood.

Hot Melt.  ref. 300  25 kg sacks
Contour edge banding adhesive. Ideal for shaped work and PVC, due to low temperature application of 160 degrees centigrade.

Urea Formaldehyde   ref. UF 200 25 kg sacks.
A powdered resin complete with hardener, especially for veneer pressing. 2 part powder to 1 part water mix.

PU   ref. PU12   1 litre squeezy bottles & 5.6 kg containers.
For solid wood bonding with tight joints. Gap filling. 10 to 40 minute drying time.
Solvent free.

Nails Free.  ref. ATTAKKO  310 ml cartridge.
High strength bonding for most materials.

Membrane press adhesive.   ref. MPM 25 kg containers.
A one part adhesive for vinyl foils. Cross linking and high heat resistant.

Hot melt sticks.   Ref. 101 5 kg boxes
Transparent and fast setting. Ideal for wood, ceramics, plastics, glass, metal and fabrics. Open time approximately 15 seconds.

Hot melt sticks.   Ref. 106 5 kg boxes
Honey/yellow in colour and particularly good for wood and paper. Ideal for wood, ceramics, glass, metal and paper. Open time approximately 20 seconds.


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